DB Ventures back selected ideas to build them out into working products.

We provide

  • Project planning, wire-framing, scoping
  • Branding and interface design
  • Software development
  • Launch and support

All for pretty much no out of pocket fees (there may be some small ones, e.g. to incorporate a company or similar). Why do we do this? We love working with startups. And we take a small bit of equity too.

Have a great idea?

We don't back all ideas, we look at them using three key criteria:

1. The technology

We're looking for things that aren't just good, but feature some novelty in their implementation.

2. The commercial potential

Are you hoping to get billions of users like Facebook? That's hard — if not impossible — to do.

An idea that has a clear value proposition or niche we see could easily sell in the b2b market?

Is it in a market with large commissions — as long as there is a good monetisation angle, we’re there).

3. Do we like it?

It’s hard for us to back something we’re not passionate about. Often, though, if you're passionate about it, we can get behind it too (as long as 1 and 2 stack up).

Your idea

Tell us more

Just complete these five quick and easy questions to get the ball rolling.

So we know who we'll be speaking with.
We'll send a copy of this form, some info and generally communicate via email.
We'll use this to have a phone call to discuss your idea and how we can help.
So we can take equity in your company and you can legally be a director.
e.g. what it is, how it works, who would use it, how it makes money, how could you market it. If you're concerned about us stealing your idea, feel free to countersign our mutual NDA here (we've already pre-signed it for you).

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