Realising your vision is our expertise.

We back founders that have great ideas who want to get a MLP tech product built at minimal to no cost to you.

See how we do it

How it works

We utilise our agency talent to get your product off the ground and build your MLP.

Steps involved

Complete the application form
Schedule a two hour idea session workshop
Review your custom proposal document
Formalise the scope and agreements
Get your product built
Apply via our quick form


We've done this a few times before, with both our internal projects and DB Ventures projects, building products at low to no cost to founders like you.

What is an MLP?

A MLP is a Minimal Loveable Product that allows you to sell the product and get actual real value to your users. It is the next step up from the much coveted MVP.

It is a product that you can be proud enough of to sell, and to get paying users actively using your business. This can then either be left as is and marketed, or use as a platform to raise additional investment to continue working.

Why though?

Our founder, Owen is extremely entrepreneurial and has a passion for startups and getting new products built from the ground up.

‍He has had success in the past, selling four businesses over the last 6 years (ReGadget, Gadget Exchange, Ready Steady Booth and Hula). Currently he is running a successful consulting firm, Digital Basis, that generates great cash flows from working with larger clients. But it is not where his passion lies, and is why he founded DBV.


You say build it at no cost to me, how does that work?

This works via few methods:

Using our excess agency resources., such as developers and project managers.

Early stage innovative company (ESIC) tax offsets that help us out with the tax man.
A small equity grant.

Do you take equity/shares in the business?

Yes - a small amount to cover our investment into building your product. We will be a minority shareholder, looking at between 5-20% based on how complex your build is.

What are the requirements?

You must be a Pty Ltd company in Australia so we can be granted equity. If you don't have a Pty Ltd company, not to worry - this is only a small cost to get set up.

We can provide you with details for an accountant who can provide advise on the details. Budget from $700-1,000 to get it right.

How does the process work?

Complete an application form and schedule a call to discuss your idea. We will provide an NDA so you can feel secure knowing that we won't pinch your idea.

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